What work does Leaon do?
Leaon is an agri-business and agri-tech company that offers solutions in structured crop production, structured marketing and processing of targeted produce
What services do you offer?
• Produce Quality Control & Diagnostic
• Aggregation and Marketing
• Packaging and Processing
• Product Traceability and Monitoring
What sectors do you address?
Food Production, Value Addition, Market Systems, Renewable energy, Precision Agriculture
What products do you offer?
• Nutritious Multi-grains
• Innovatively blended flours
• Product QR coding and traceability
In which regions do you operate?
We operate in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
Do you sell agriculture inputs and machineries?
No we do not but we provide access and linkage to service providers as part of the services we offer our clients
Where are your offices?
Kisumu, Nairobi and Kajiado
How do I get to work with Leaon?
Visit our website www.leaon.co.ke or send us an email to learn more about how you can partner with us or work with us
How often do you contract farmers?
Bids are sent out on a rolling basis. Continuously check our website or blog for new postings or sign up via to receive alerts on matters relating to our contract farming processes
How do I receive Leaon services?
Call or send us an email to for enquiry
Governance & Stakeholder Relation
We foster collaborative and structured partnerships in agriculture value chains. Leaon has sound governance structures and is actively engaging with excellent multi-stakeholders
Risk Management Mitigation
Every team leader and employee is responsible for managing risks and taking accountability for their actions. Our business continuity plans define roles, responsibilities and authority in the event of emergency situations or disruptions. Mitigation plans include client feedback loops, making sure lessons learned are an integral part of Leaon risk management culture. Board of Directors and Leaon Executive Team have overall responsibility for risk management and regularly discuss the key risks of the company and review the corresponding risk profiles. Our Integrated Assurance consists of Compliances, Risk Management, Internal Audit, and Health, Safety and Environment measures. Leaon Risk Management ensures and maintains the risk management framework and supports the business in risk policy implementation
Human Rights
Our Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to comply with all labor laws, national and international codes and conventions, and to uphold the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Core Conventions
Leaon Code of Conduct, which employees, contractors and suppliers must adhere to, ensures that everyone working for Leaon respects human rights. It was developed in consultation with Human Rights Experts
Diversity and Inclusion
Leaon Limited values diversity and inclusion as reflected in its corporate values and leadership commitments. Embracing the unique perspectives and capabilities of its employees is helping to catalyse innovation, maximize performance and creating business value. A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace environment are enablers of our ambition to be the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture, providing leading innovatively packed and blended products to enhance food security and improve farmers profits by offering better prices in a sustainable way. Our employees reflect the diversity of our customers, the markets where we operate and the communities which we serve. Our model and technology applied are designed to ensure that direct beneficiaries are women and overall number are youthful. The technologies used are gender neutral and do not disadvantage women. A number of them foster involvement of women and youth in income generating business opportunities
Customer Relation Management
Our approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is established globally and delivered locally within each country by our commercial teams – this provides consistency for our customers and ensures our vision is translated effectively into all of our customer interactions
As an agribusiness entrepreneur in crop production , how will Leaon be of assistance ?
Our agribusiness entrepreneurs in targeted production are linked up to a field or crop officer who will act as their point of contact and offer services, direction and terms of engagements