Strategic Direction

Increased Production and Productivity

Leaon promotes use of quality inputs and technologies in production among smallholder farmers, farmer producer organizations and enterprises to increase quality production

Food Security, Safety and Structured Marketing

We offer innovative solutions that aid in structured marketing, monitored aggregation, product traceability, innovative processing and packaging with a view of enhancing food security, food safety , improved nutrition and market linkages

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Leaon enhances strategic collaborations with multi-stakeholders and various partners in achieving common goal with an effort to enhance client retention, customer relations and creating positive impacts

Resource Mobilization

Leaon has vast technical and practical experience in offering diversified products and services, fundraising and in implementing rigorous financial management models

Agronomic Quality Control

We offer Technologies, Innovations, and Management Practices (TIMPs) to safeguard against crop or food loss and waste

  • Leverage on new technologies and innovations for profitable farming, sustainable markets, socio-economic growth & food distribution
  • To be a leader in provision of affordable, safe and quality foods for consumers in Kenya
  • Professional, effective and informed by relevant science
  • Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
  • Creative, flexible and innovative